Johnston Development Company has been in the construction industry for over 50 years. During the last 40 years we have specialized in the construction of church facilities. We have completed over 60 major church projects across many different denominations throughout Iowa. Working closely with the congregation and building committee insures that we fully understand the goals, expectations and most importantly the budget of the church. We encourage using the talents of congregation members whenever possible to help with the costs of construction. Those that choose to contribute their time and talent are excited about the building project and feel they had a part in the construction process.

Cross Roads


President: Robert Johnston

Vice President: Tom Johnston  e-mail: tjohnston@johnstondevelopment.com

Vice President/Treasurer: Nancy Hopper e-mail: nhopper@johnstondevelopment.com

Design/Project Management:

    Lowell Andeberg  e-mail: landeberg@johnstondevelopment.com

    David Johnston  e-mail: DavidJohnston@johnstondevelopment.com